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“24” Returns With A Bang! January 15, 2007

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 Jack Bauer

Just when I was about to throw in the towel and quit watching 24, I come across dozens of articles in which TV critics hail the new season.

In my books, 24 was at the end of its lifeline.  I had heard rumours prior to the beginning of Season 5, that it was to be the last season for the show.  So, when Fox announced last year that 24 had been signed on for another 5 seasons, I was utterly shocked!!  The show has been in a down-hill spiral since Season 3, and almost all the original, and very much loved, characters have been killed off.  “Where does the show go from here?” I asked myself.  “How many more dreadful days can Jack Bauer have?”

For me, 24 was in ICU.  I would give Season 6 the chance to impress me with the first 2 – 3 episodes.  If the writers and producers stick to the same boring, repetitive and complex storylines, 24 will be dead to me.

However, looks like 24 will be rejuvenated; and luckily, fans of the show are in for the shock of their life.  The following is what TV critics are saying about the first few episodes of Season 6:

Oh no they di-in’t!

Kiefer should win an Emmy for his first five minutes on screen alone.

This damn show has done it again.

Just when you thought you knew the formula, knew the players, could possibly predict what might happen next, the storyline bitch-slaps you into an entirely different hemisphere. And oh, it is good!

The end of the fourth episode will leave you speechless.

With exciting reviews like these, how can I turn my back on 24?  It sounds like this could be the show’s best season yet.  Fox is airing a 2-night 4-hour season premiere in which episodes 1 & 2 (7 a.m. – 8 a.m. and 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.) aired yesterday, and episodes 3 & 4 (9 a.m. – 10 a.m. and 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.) will air today. 

For those following the show, this is what Jack Bauer is expected to look like after 20 months of Chinese torture:

Jack Bauer (with beard)

As for me, I’m most definately looking forward to a 24-filled weekend.  I’m almost positive all the local DVD/movie-rental joints will have all 4 episodes by Thursday.  So for all of you who don’t want to wait for the official DVD release in November, and don’t mind watching the show over a span of 4 months, I suggest you head over to your preferred DVD joint ASAP.


Impressionist Week – Day 5 (Final Performance) November 25, 2006

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Although Frank was the 4th performance on the 4th day of “Impressionist Week”, I personally think this guy is amazing and so decided to keep his performance for my last post of this sequence. 

Frank Caliendo starred on MadTV.  He is a very talented comedian.  He appeared on the Tonight Show with David Letterman a few months back with an amazing skit impersonating George W. Bush.  I remember the clip going around on e-mail (gobble gobble) so some of you may have an idea of how funny and talented he is. 

Anyway, Frank is back for “Impressionist Week” with his signature John Madden and George “Dubya” impressions.  Definately the best and funniest performance of them all…enjoy!

Impressionist Week – Day 4 November 24, 2006

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I saved the best two performances from “Impressionist Week” for the weekend.  The first three performances were great, but the next two are fantastic!

Kevin Pollak started out as a stand-up comedian/impressionist then made his way into Hollywood.  He returns to his roots for “Impressionist Week” with one of the best Christopher Walkin impressions I’ve ever seen…

Impressionist Week – Day 3 November 23, 2006

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It only gets better folks!

We are on our third day, thus third performance, of David Letterman’s recent “Impressionist Week”.  Two more days to go, and as always, I’m saving the best and funniest performance for last. 

I had never heard of Gordie Brown before, but I’m sure this performance elevated him to stardom.  He’s a young and very talented comedian.  The guy starts out with an amazing Jack Nicholson impression (after watching The Departed last night, Mr. Brown is definately on point), then finishes by acting out a “would-be” Golf game between Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and a few other very well-known actors…fantastic!!  Check out his performance:

Impressionist Week – Day 2 November 22, 2006

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I hope most of you enjoyed Rich Little’s impersonsations.  Today, I present you with another veteran impressionist, Frank Travalena.  This guy is also very talented, especially with voices.

Check out his performance on the Tonight Show’s “Impressionist Week” below:

Impressionist Week – Day 1 November 21, 2006

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David Letterman, host of the Tonight Show, arranged an “Impressionist Week” on the show this last week which included some of the most talented impressionists the entertainment/comedy industry has to offer.  Rich Little, Fred Travalena, Gordie Brown, Frank Caliendo, and Kevin Pollak.

Rich Little and Fred Travalena are veteran impressionists who have been doing this for over 30 years.  Some of their impressions include Ronald Reagan and Johnny Carson.  Frank Caliendo and Kevin Pollak are very well known comedians/actors.  Caliendo starred on MadTV and was on the Tonight Show a few months ago where he did an amazing John Madden and George W. Bush.  Kevin Pollak is a movie actor who does an amazing Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken, among other well-known celebs.

I particularly enjoyed watching the show this last week.  So, in light of the success of “Impressionist Week”, I’ve decided to post each of the five performances for all those who wish to enjoy some truly amazing and hillarious impersonations.  Who better to start with than the very talented veteran himself, Rich Little.  Take a break from work, studying, or whatever is you’re doing. Sit back, relax and enjoy…

TV Talk – 2nd Edition October 21, 2006

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FOX Network must be on a role.  They are currently airing the most popular series on television:  24, Prison Break, and now…Vanished.

Vanished comes to us courtesy of “CSI” creator Josh Berman.  Berman wrote the pilot, which takes a topical look at the U.S.’s ongoing fascination with missing women. “Vanished” revolves around Sarah Collins, a senator’s wife who suddenly goes missing as part of a larger conspiracy.  The story behind her disappearance will unfold throughout the season, as told through the eyes of law enforcement, family members and the media.  The series also uses those cool CSI special effects.

The show is full of suspense, mystery, and conspiracy theories.  It is a thrilling show that keeps you constantly on edge.  Each episode ends with a dramatic twist or discovery that makes you want to immediately watch the next one.  So, for those of you who don’t like waiting to find out what happens, you may want to hold off until the series is released on DVD.  Seven episodes have aired so far out of a total of ten.

If you miss watching an original, creative, and suspenseful mystery story with a thrill ride of an investigation, then Vanished is the show for you. 

Recommendation:  Must see!

Rating:  9/10  (only because the show incorporates some cheesy, emotional moments which, personally, I could do without)


TV Talk October 8, 2006

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The season premiere of Lost aired this last Wednesday, October 4th, in the United States.  I downloaded the torrent a few nights ago but haven’t had the time to watch it yet. I hope to find the time this evening.  I must admit however, that I am not as excited about Lost as I used to be.  Too many questions, hardly any answers.  Fans are expecting something spectacular out of the show and I can’t help but feel that we will all be disappointed with the outcome.




Many shows went through a similar drift.  The pilot episode usually starts out with an amazing premise, a great story line, interesting and mysterious characters, and surprising twists and turns.  As the seasons progress, the writers are eventually consumed by their own perplexity and uncertainty of where the show is going. They end up dragging viewers along until we get bored, annoyed, and turn to simpler, lighter shows like Entourage or more exciting and thrilling shows like Prison Break. 


Prison Break 


Look at what happened to 24; the first season was outstanding…second was ok.  However, from the third season onwards, 24 became a joke!  Same thing goes for Alias (same creator and producer of Lost).  I was never a big fan of the show, but enjoyed the first 2 seasons.  When it came time to start season 3, I watched about four episodes then returned the DVD box set.  Producers try so desperately to keep a successful show on air, that the storyline becomes overdone, repetitive, and over-exaggerated. 




The Shield is probably the only series that has managed to become more interesting, more exciting and more thrilling each season, while sticking to the main premise.  Despite characters evolving, or new characters entering and exiting the show, the writers successfully developed the story, very realistically might I add, without losing focus.  I have seen all 5 seasons and can hardly wait for season 6 to premier in March of 2007.


The Shield 


Nip/Tuck on the other hand, started out great, lost some appeal by the third season, and is now back for the 4thseason with the same disturbing, grotesque, and insane story-lines.  This season however, is very intriguing.  I have watched five episodes so far and I am pleasantly surprised after a very disappointing 3rd season.  Although I really miss the “Carver”, which brought a lot of suspense to two seasons, I like where the show is going this season.




And how can I forget Entourage!  A funny, light, entertaining show that makes me wish and dream of being a movie star.  After three successful seasons, Entourage will return in February for the second part to its third season.  Great show, lovable characters, simple and straight-forward comedy.  No twists, no turns, no shockers.  A definite recommendation for people who are looking for 30 minutes of pure entertainment.




Two new shows premiering this year have created lots of “buzz” in the TV industry:  The Nine and Heroes.  The Nine is somewhat of a blend of Prison Break and Lost.  Nine people are taken hostage during a bank robbery.  The story fast-forwards 52 hours when the hostages are released.  The following episodes then uncover the events that occurred during the last 52 hours of siege through character flashbacks.  I watched the pilot episode last night and it was incredible!  I was completely absorbed. All main characters are experienced well-known actors from previously successful shows such as Third Watch, Boston Public, and Party of Five.  The story line is very creative and I can’t wait to find out what happened during those 52 hours.  I recommend everyone give this show a shot.  Believe me…it is going to be a hit!


The Nine


Heroes is a saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. The relatable superheroes include a young man who believes he can fly, a junkie who has the ability to paint images of the future when he is high, a Las Vegas showgirl who can do incredible things with mirrors, a Japanese comic-book geek who literally makes time stand still, and many more.   I have watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them both.  The writers have a lot to play with.  The series is very dark and mysterious, and can hardly be compared to the comic-book-based X-men movies or the Smallville series.  After two very successful episodes tallying more than 13.7 viewers, for adults aged 18-49, NBC officially put in an order for a full season. 



With two new hit shows like The Nine and Heroes quickly gaining an enormous fan base, writers for Lost, 24, and Nip/Tuck better get their act together.  Nip/Tuck seems to be doing well so far this season.  We will have to wait for tonight to see whether Lost will answer some of our questions or simply create more confusion.  And, we will find out in January 2007 if 24 can redeem itself as a suspenseful action series, or if the show should just turn into a cartoon.

Emmy’s 2006 Opening Number August 29, 2006

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Emmy Statue

For those of you who missed it, this year’s Emmy Opening Number is a must see!  Conan O’Brian, the host, is at his best.  If you like him, you are going to love this.  If you don’t, you probably will after watching this.

The Opening Number is split into 2 parts.  The first part is a hilarious 6-minute introductory mini-clip, and the second part is Conan’s very funny 8 minute monologue. 

So take a break, sit back, relax, and have a good laugh.  You’re going to enjoy this…

Opening Number (Part 1) – [Link]

Opening Number (Part 2) – [Link]

A Tale of Two Cities August 19, 2006

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Its official!  The first episode of LOST Season 3 will air on Wednesday October 4, 2006 with the title “A Tale of Two Cities”.  The action-packed mystery and adventure series opens up the new season with Jack, Kate and Sawyer in captivity as prisoners of “The Others”.  Season 3 promises to explore in more detail who these “Others” are and what they want.

I’m actually looking forward to a season that brings about some answers rather than more questions.  I’m a huge fan of the show…However, I can see people losing interest if the writers don’t provide some clarity as to the many mysteries, coincidences, and strange happenings surrounding the show.

Will provide more updates as they come in…