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Mideast Views November 9, 2006

Posted by O.J. in Middle East, Politics.
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For those interested in reading some interesting articles pertaining to Middle Eastern politics, then I suggest you visit www.mideastviews.com

Mideastviews.com is a website for articles dealing with the Middle East and written by Syrian Political Analyst Sami Moubayed, who is specialized in modern Middle East Affairs.

Moubayed’s articles have appeared in several regional and international newspapers including The Daily Star, al-Ahram, Gulf News, Asia Times, and The Washington Post. He currently teaches at the Faculty of International Relations at al-Kalamoun University, the first private university in Syria. He is the author of four books on modern Syria, which include: 

1) The Politics of Damascus 1920-1946 (Syria, 1998).
2) Damascus Between Democracy and Dictatorship (Maryland, 2000).
3) The George Washington of Syria (Beirut, 2005).
4) Steel & Silk: Men and Women Who Shaped Syria (Seattle, 2006).

Moubayed studied at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and obtained his PhD from the University of Exeter in Great Britain.

There are plenty of great articles on the site, which is updated quite frequently.  He is a very impressive writer and I believe most of you will find his work to be powerful and informative.