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The “Art” Of Beauty October 22, 2006

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To all women who look at models in beauty magazines and say “Wow! I wish…”;

And to all men who see models in beauty magazines and say “Wow! If only I could…”;

Please find below a short film (1-minute long) produced by Dove Evolution for the “Campaign For Real Beauty”…

Two words:  Holy Crap!!


A Spot In The Sun September 30, 2006

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This is truly fascinating!  You may think that you are seeing things.  It looks as though there is a speck of dust on the surface of the sun.  Or maybe the person who took this picture forgot to clean the camera lens.  Well, none of the above are true…

This spectacular photo shows the space shuttle Atlantis alongside the International Space Station (ISS) silhouetted as they orbit the earth. 

The image was taken in Normandy by French astrophotographer Thierry Legault.  He used a digital camera attached to a £5,000 specially kitted-out telescope.

The shuttle and the space station can be seen in orbit 250 miles above the earth while the sun is 93 million miles away!!  Some interesting facts don’t you think?  Gives you an idea of how enormous the sun really is.

The picture below is an enlarged image of the one above, and you can clearly see the silhouette of the shuttle and the space station in the center.  Picture of the year!!


Those “Diamond” Eyes September 18, 2006

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Are they serious?!?!

Diamond studded watches……ok.

Diamond studded phones……crazy, but fine.

Diamond studded cars…we can learn to accept those insane enough to purchase them.

But, Diamond studded contact lenses…you gotta be kidding me!!!

Diamond Lenses

Borat Rescues Film Premiere September 15, 2006

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The premiere showing of Borat The Movie at the Toronto Film Festival took place on September 8, 2006 and was almost a complete disaster.

The projector broke 25 minutes into the film and the crowd went from cheering and laughing to booing.  Michael Moore and Larry Charles came to the front and tried to cool things down and entertain the crowd.

However, the real Borat saved the day by coming on stage waving a Canadian flag and doing stand up and audience interaction for 15 minutes.

  • Borat flirted with girls in the front row, “How much?”
  • He told the crowd, “People in Kazakhstan make sexy time often and heads of state get to use the little hole
  • And commented on the quality of the projector “Canada and Kazakhstan have a lot in common”

All in all though, all publicity is good publicity and Borat is making the news worldwide because of this.  In addition, by Borat being there in character and saving the situation, he seems to have done himself no harm at all.  The movie will be re-premiered in Toronto today (and hopefully with a projector that works!)

As always, YouTube have the latest footage on video. [Link

For those who have yet to see the full trailer of the upcoming movie (to be released on November 3, 2006), you can view it [here]…Jagshemash!

Top 99 Most Desirable Women August 22, 2006

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Gentlemen, (and maybe a few ladies)….I present to you the worlds top 99 most desirable women for 2006.  A long list of gorgeous women….take your time going through it.  I did 😉

Just click on the picture below.

 Top 99

Toxy’s JamStation August 20, 2006

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I urge you all to visit this blog entitled Toxy’s JamStation.  Some very interesting stuff on there.  It’s managed by a buddy of mine from Kuwait.  Check it out.