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Video: Don’t Stop March 6, 2007

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I’ve disappeared for quite some time now.  Too many reasons for the disappearance and I’m not going to bore you by discussing them.  In fact, I’m going to get straight to the point of my latest post.

I saw this commercial on television a few days back.  To begin with, I had thought it was a music video.  It is just too good not to share.

I don’t know what the creator’s were eating, drinking, smoking, or injecting when they conceptualized this commercial.  Original idea, fantastic animation, and very entertaining.  The soundtrack is also worth searching for and downloading.

Enough with all the blabber.  Just check the video out for yourselves.

*Update* I enjoyed the track in the video so much, that after some web digging, it turns out that the track is titled “Let’s Roll” from a Kuwaiti hip-hop band called Army Of One who just released their debut album entitled ‘Hush’. 

I managed to download a few tracks off the album and was very impressed.  The tracks are fast paced, high-energy, and Arabic infused with hip-hop flows and lyrics. 

The above commercial is currently airing on satellite TV channels across the Arab world.  For more information on the band, their music, videos, and events, visit www.army-one.com.


“Use Only What You Need” November 26, 2006

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Save Water 1 

Save Water 2

With water restrictions happening all over the world, a very clever and innovative advertising and PR agency in the US, created this ingenious ad campaign for Denver Water, to make people aware of water shortages and encourage them to become more careful with their water usage.

I love seeing unique, “outside-the-box” thinking when it comes to advertising and marketing, which I believe are so much more effective than your regular boring print ads.

Considering the water shortages we face here in Jordan, maybe our Government should hire this company to help get through to our people.  Despite our attempts at water shortage campaigns in this country, you still see citizens dispensing water like it was air. 

This is a grave problem folks!  It’s obvious that our campaigns are weak and ineffective; and might i add, very infrequent.  There should be a mass ad campaign, as inventive as the one above, targeting every city, town, and village in the country, to make sure that Jordanians not only understand the seriousness of the situation, but actually implement steps to save water.  It’s about time we all become more aware of our water usage.

Dubai Presents The World’s Biggest… October 15, 2006

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Dubai has consistently astonished the world with its extravagant projects breaking world records.  We have seen the world’s biggest theme park, shopping malls and even indoor artificial ski fields.

Now comes the Middle East’s largest billboard ad.  Weighing in at a whopping 400 meters long and standing 20 meters high at its highest point, the billboard is promoting one of the cities newest development projects named ‘The Lagoons’.

Using the more than 2,880 hours of man power, the billboard is positioned in a marketing traffic gold mine on the infamous Sheikh Zayed Road.

With up to a quarter of a million motorists passing the billboard each day, it’s fair to say the size will grab a few motorists attention along its 200 meter long stretch.

Dubai Billboard

The Lynx Effect September 14, 2006

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Lynx deodorant is most famous for its media theme of “attraction”; or as they call it, the Lynx Effect.  We’ve all seen the ongoing commercials of some guy spraying Lynx deodorant and subsequently becoming irresistible to women. 

Although we are all intelligent enough to recognize the fantasy behind such a theme, I can safely assume that thousands of men switched deodorants after watching a few of Lynx’s very creative advertisements, with the hopes of this fantasy becoming a reality. (I’m not one of those men…I always used Lynx ;-))

Following on from its ever-so-popular marketing gimmick, here is the most recent and may I say, the best, Lynx commercial yet.

Coafair KHAIR.. September 3, 2006

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On August 22, 2006 I posted an example of what I thought was creative and powerful advertising.  For those who haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.  Today, I am posting something completely the opposite.

I’ve seen plenty examples of horrible, wierd, strange, hilarious, and sloppy advertising.  But this one is simply aweful! I’m assuming, by looking at the mobile number at the bottom, that this was designed and published in Jordan.  I think all Jordanians (specifically those in the Marketing and Advertising industry) will enjoy this.  Something to be proud of… 😉


The Power of Advertising August 22, 2006

Posted by O.J. in Advertising.

Let’s face it.  When it comes to advertising, people are getting more and more creative; and here is a perfect example.

The first poster was displayed in Argentina before a Brazil-Argentina soccer match, by the condom manufacturer Tulipan.

Brazil, however, won the match (3 – 1).

The second poster was designed in Brazil, moments after the match…Gotta love it!