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5 Things To Do With A PC When You Have No Internet Connection February 12, 2007

Posted by O.J. in Internet.

 World Wide Web

Five useful things you can do with your PC/Laptop when your ISP leaves you out in the cold…

Considering the crappy and unreliable internet connection BaTelco has been providing lately (I will elaborate in a separate post, soon to come), these tips will most definitely come in handy.



1. Severus - February 12, 2007

Batelco really really SUCKS , i dont know why dont we have a decent ISP in Jordan , TE data used to be good , Not any more 😦

2. Jad - February 12, 2007

How about sleeping ?

3. O.J. - February 12, 2007

Severus – I completely agree. I’ve heard Wanadoo is not that bad, and with the new 2MB ADSL line they are offering, I might just switch.

Jad – That is definately something one can do, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘productive’ things to do 😉

4. Amer - February 12, 2007

Wanadoo is ok only if you have the 1MB conection and higher. otherwise they can be as bad.

5. Andrew - February 7, 2010

How about playing the sims???

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