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A “Wicked” Prank! January 29, 2007

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The word “wicked” in the title above has a double meaning.  In today’s slang terminology, wicked could mean:  cool, excellent, very good; or as the Oxford Dictionary describes the word, wicked could mean:  evil, bad, immoral.  The prank I’m about to describe walks a thin line between both meanings – at least in my opinion.

A prankster at heart, I seldom let an opportunity pass where I can play a practical joke on a friend or colleague.  I do it all…from spontaneous pranks, to fully thought out and pre-planned pranks.  TV shows that are guaranteed to have me on the floor laughing include Punk’d, Scare Tactics, Jackass, and the various Candid Camera shows.

Here is a potentially fun, yet quite daring idea for a prank.  Picture this scene:

You are sitting quietly next to someone on a train or on a plane.  There hasn’t been much contact or communication between you thus far.  You calmly pull out your laptop and turn it on.  While you wait for it to load, you turn to the gentleman/lady sitting beside you and give them a gracious smile.  You then mysteriously close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky for a few moments.  You now definitely have their attention.  You then proceed to click the following link

It’s a gutsy attempt in the least…but the various possible reactions make it all worthwhile – and yes, I have considered the possibility of getting arrested 🙂



1. Tarek J. Khotat - January 29, 2007

Do you recall the best prank of all with you as it’s victim…the one when we got your car keys and hid your car out of site???? That was fun!!!!

2. O.J. - January 29, 2007

TK – That was truly one of the best executed pranks i’ve ever witnessed, although, for a change, I was the victim. Bet let’s not forget that all of you who collaborated against me, did so because each of you were once MY victims! Revenge is sweet…isn’t it TK? 😉

3. Tarek J. Khotat - January 30, 2007

A professional prankster that you are OJ…and revenge is definitely sweet when you are not on the receiving end “the one who laughs last laughs best” is applicable here.

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